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Type: Website   Category: Bible Study   Posted by klrutzel on 11/12/2007 9:12:08 AM

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Fresh, rich Christian content featuring articles, blogs, and devotionals from today's favorite pastors, authors, and speakers. The site also has Bible Study Tools, an interactive personalized Bible Study with saved highlighting, note-taking, translation comparisons, commentaries, lexicons, and more.

I receive daily devotions from this site in my inbox. I am encouraged daily by devotionals from Max Lucado and Greg Laurie. I have just started using the Bible Study Tools and LOVE that I can save my online "margin" notes, highlighting, and compare versions. It's an easy way to understand the vast amount of Biblical information out there!

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I'm checking out the site.
Thanks both of you!
7/30/2008 12:03:20 PM - Ignited~Faith, Member of Delve into Jesus since 2/20/2008

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