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Type: Website   Category: Training, Teaching and Equipping   Posted by keithss on 10/15/2007 4:05:39 PM

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InterGlobal institute is an e-Learning website for teaching Biblical ministries, primarily in Spanish, featuring independent study and teacher-facilitated online classes. Their goal is to use technology to equip and train missionaries to advance the Kingdom of God.

InterGlobal institute is a member of the GospelCom Alliance of Ministries.

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Please pray along with me:Lord, thank you for overseeing my son’s life at the Mission. May my son coniunte to follow the direction of the Mission guides as he learns new options and patterns of choices. I pray that my son coniuntes to develop his understanding of Christianity. May he realize that adherence to Christian principles will aid him in making better decisions and give him a framework of morals and values. Thank you, Lord, for each day of sobriety as each additional sober day makes it easier for my son to attain another one. Even with minimal communication from a distance, I notice the results of the Mission program and I pray that my son follows the advice and suggestions he is given. Bless the Mission staff for all of their efforts and compassion. Amen.
4/3/2013 6:46:58 PM - anonymous

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