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Creative Writing

8 months ago - I Look Unto the Heavens
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Priorities: Many people assume that God should be the top priority in our lives, but is that right? This devotional looks at what it means to our relationships when we see them as "priorities" and why we therefore need to see God as something more than just an item on a the devotional

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What is Crucifixion?:

Crucifixion was a method of execution employed by the Romans until around the 3rd century. So agonizing and horrible was this form of death, that from it we get our english word "excruciating". It was a disgraceful and dishonorable death since the body was left on the cross after death rather than being buried honorably.  It was usually reserved for slaves or common criminals. Roman citizens were not typically executed in this way. This is the method by which Jesus Christ was the article

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