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Articles : Why Should I Believe Jesus Was the Son of God?
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Why Should I Believe Jesus Was the Son of God?

By Michael Lane, Executive Director, Delve Christian Ministries

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Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead three days later. The testimony and sacrifice of the apostles affirm this. By this unprecedented miracle, Jesus overcame death and proved that He was everything He said He was.
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"Alright fine, he was not a good human teacher. Why should I believe he was the Son of God and not a liar?" 

The Bible contains many prophecies about the Messiah written hundreds of years before Jesus was born. These include when He would be born, where He would be born and how he would die. Jesus fulfilled all of these propecies in his lifetime. Some he could contol, such as entering Jerusalem on a donkey, but many others such as being born in Bethlehem or being betrayed for 30 pieces of silver were completely beyond His control.

Beyond all the prophetic evidence, Jesus told his followers very plainly that he was the Messiah and the Son of God. Jesus knew that these were very difficult things to believe and so he performed many miracles to demonstrate the power and authority God had given to him. These miracles alone do not prove he was the Son of God, for many prophets and even Jesus' own disciples were able to perform miracles.

However, one miracle in particular was more important than all the rest. Before he died, Jesus told his followers that he would rise again three days after His death. As He predicted, Jesus rose from the dead and emerged from the tomb on Sunday following His death. This miracle is an important part of proving His identity, for it had been prophesied that the Messiah would not be taken by death. This miracle is unique, for no one else has ever been raised from the dead except those which Christ Himself and His disciples raised. No other prophet has ever been able over come death the way that Jesus did. This special miracle tells us that Jesus was indeed who He said He was.

And so, all of Christianity rests on this miracle. If Christ rose from the grave and conquered death, then He is the Lord and Savior and Son of God. If not, then Christianity means nothing - it would be an empty lie. Even the apostle Paul recognized this when he wrote,  

"And if Christ has not been raised, then all our preaching is useless, and your faith is useless. And we apostles would all be lying about God—for we have said that God raised Christ from the grave." 1 Cor 14,15a 

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? 

So, did it really happen? If it did, then it can be investigated historically and scientifically, just like any other event in history. You need only to examine the evidence. The best evidence is surely the eyewitness accounts in the Bible. We also have the testimony of the apostles lives. Jesus' disciples knew for certain whether or not He rose from the dead. If it really happened, they were the ones who witnessed it with their own eyes. However, if it was a hoax, they were the ones were perpetrated it. If it was a lie, they were the ones who told it. Without exception, every single one of them spent the rest of their lives preaching the news of Jesus. And with the exception of John, every single one of them was martyred for their beliefs. If you want to accept that the resurrection never happened, then you have to explain how it was that these men were willing to live and die for a cause that they knew to be false! Many people are willing to die for something they believe in, but no one is willing to die for something they know to be a lie. There is no suitable, reasonable explanation for the way the disciples lived their lives and the subsequent, rapid rise of Christianity except that these men believed that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. If these men who watched Him die and then saw Him again after his death believed, then it becomes very hard to come up with a reason which is more plausible than that it actually happened. For more details, please see Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?

As you explore this site, you will find many more articles about the scientific and historical evidence of Jesus' life and resurrection. If you weigh the evidence fairly and objectively with an open mind, you will see that there is only one likely explanation, and that is that Jesus was exactly who He said He was - the Son of God, our Lord and our Savior. 


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I love jesus with all my heart
3/6/2008 5:57:36 PM - anonymous

It is a fairly strong argument that Jesus followers must be proclaiming the truth regarding his resurrection because of the absolute dedication of the rest of their lives to living out the mission that Jesus had given them. Moreover, the martyrdom of the disciples provokes the realisation that not many people would give their lives for a hoax..

Yet, despite this, I think perhaps because the teachings of Jesus were so unique and could provide for a greater peace among believers (hence, leading to a more peaceful society), the followers of Jesus chose to live and die for it in order to create the belief in a 'Son of God' in people to result in those believers 'loving eachother'. Thus, this seems to be a worthy reason. If they could die for this purpose, they could fabricate the resurrection of Jesus in order to fuel the success of what they preach.

I used to be a Christian, but am having serious difficulty believing. I want to, but I'm not sure whether it is a worthwhile or intelligent commitment.
3/21/2008 2:44:13 AM - anonymous

Thanks for your question and your comments. It's difficult to have a dialog as part of these article comments, but I really want to make sure that your question gets the attention it deserves. What I am going to do is post your question in the "Question" part of the site where our staff can take the time to give you a thorough answer, and you can also reply with your own comments to our responses. I hope that you will stop by, see this comment and head over to the question area. Your question will be titled "Does The Disciples' Belief Prove the Resurrection?" It will be posted later today (Easter Sunday, 2008). Thanks again for your question. I sincerely hope (with the help of the Holy Spirit) we can give you an answer that will set you back on the path of faith.
3/23/2008 10:44:24 AM - Michael Lane

Your question has been posted here. We'll start posting some replies later tomorrow. Thanks again for such as sincere, thought-provoking question.
3/23/2008 6:29:58 PM - Michael Lane

I love Jesus!!!but I have a hard time explaining why I believe and convincing others why I believe Christianity is the only way. I am a very non confrontational person and I get upset when I can't answer intellegently or convincingly why I believe as I do. Can you give me some pointers as to how to share my faith? Thanks so much.
2/18/2009 10:59:26 AM - anonymous

I want to give my opinion on the believer who does not know how to share their faith. It is hard to discuss with a non-believer why it is we trust and believe in our creator the GREAT I AM. When people as me about it, I tell them, I know that I know that God lives in me and around me. I know that when I finally opened the door of my heart and let him come on it, the peace I felt was unlike any I have ever gotten from anything or anyone. No other person or drug or shopping or food etc., ever gave that feeling. I also know when I am around others who are walking in the light, who trying to do right and love God and fellow man, why I can see a special glow coming from them. It either surrounds them or comes shining through their eyes, and I feel calm and happy to be around them. I will also tell them, I am not an expert on the bible, but, I am letting my heart lead me. And thats all God ask, open your heart and let him in. Some people will never listen to anything you try to tell them. Words are sometimes just words and they have probably been lied to and hurt alot by them. A true believer, why you can reconize them by the fruit that they bear. It's their actions that speaks louder than any word or sermon ever can. They walk the walk, they ain't just talking out the side of their mouth on Sunday and then back stabbing their neighbor Monday through Sat.
5/2/2011 11:03:41 AM - bettynewberry, Member of Delve into Jesus since 5/2/2011

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