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About Delve Into Jesus

About Delve Into Jesus

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Delve Into Jesus is all about getting to know our Lord Jesus Christ.

No matter where you stand in your relationship with Jesus, from those who have never heard of Him to those who love and serve Him passionately, it is our hope that you will find something on Delve Into Jesus which will help you to know Him better.

For those who are just beginning the journey of getting to know Jesus and His teachings, we offer an encyclopedia of articles on every conceivable topic related to Christianity. If someone has a question and cannot find the answer in any of our articles, they can post their question and our members will work together to provide the answer.

For those who have committed their life to Jesus, Delve Into Jesus is also a community of believers where we share prayer requests, offer devotionals, recommend resources such as books and movies and take part in discussions about whatever topics are close to our heart.

No matter where you stand in your relationship with Jesus, we sincerely hope that you will visit often, become a member of our community and most importantly, find everything you're looking for.

Delve Into Jesus is operated by Delve Christian Ministries Inc.

About Delve Christian Ministries

Delve Christian Ministries Inc. is an independent, non-denominational, evangelical Christian organization which operates a variety of Internet-based ministries. We are a non-profit corporation registered in the Province of Ontario, Canada. (Ontario Corporation # 1737647)

Technical Information

aboutDelve Into Jesus has been tested in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and should work well in any modern browser. Let us know if you come across anything that doesn't seem to work right.

Delve Into Jesus was written in-house by our staff of developers. The site uses ASP .NET and is written in C#. It was started in Visual Studio 2005, but we have since upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 3.5. Data is stored in SQL Server 2008 and we use NHibernate 1.2 for persistence.

Version: 4.12
Last Change: 2/22/2015

Other Areas of the Site to Explore
  • Discovery - Discovery is the heart of Delve Into Jesus. Here, we hope you will find answers to all your questions about God, Christianity, Jesus Christ and Christian Living.
  • Join a Discussion - Our forums are the place for lively discussion on any topic that relates to Christianity. Find a topic that interests you and join the debate, or start a new topic about something that's been on your mind. Share your thoughts and get to know what others are thinking.
  • Resources - Discover the movies, books and web sites that other members have found inspirational, meaningful and encouraging.
  • Prayer - Let other members know the challenges you're currently facing and let them say a word of prayer for you. Browse the other prayer requests and spend a moment with the Lord interceding for your fellow members.
  • Reflections and Devotionals - Every week or so, we post a new "reflection" about the challenges of Christian Living, or a "devotional" about our life in Christ. We hope you will find these writings to be inspirational, insightful and thought-provoking.

Delve Christian Ministries