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What is Delve Into Jesus?
... it's all about getting to know Jesus Christ.

If you don't know Jesus, we invite you to explore our discovery section where we explain who Jesus is and why getting to know Him is the most important decision you will ever make.

If you're already a follower of Christ, we invite you to explore our encouragement section where we offer devotionals, reflections and testimonials to help strengthen and deepen your relationship.
What Can I Do On Delve Into Jesus?
man holding bible
Read Articles- Search or browse through articles on Jesus, Christianity and Christian living.

Explore A Subject - Take one of our discovery paths which are designed to help you study a subject in-depth and at your own pace.

Ask A Question - Ask us anything about Jesus Christ or Christianity and we will work to find you the answer.

Read Devotionals - We hope these devotionals will help to keep your faith strong as you navigate daily challenges.

Join A Discussion - Join us for lively debate on a variety of subjects. Share your opinion and get to know what others are thinking.
Search Delve Into Jesus

(for the best results, search for one or two words phrases such as "sin" or "old testament". Avoid long sentences or questions)

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