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Recent Testimonials On Delve Into Jesus

Recent Testimonials

The following are the 20 most recent Testimonials. Click on any to view the entire text.


Jesus answers prayers

Posted by natileeg on 01/02/19 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 0 times
I was 14 weeks pregnant when I started to bleed. I delivered a healthy baby boy 9 months later. Thank you Jesus

Oh Death, Where Is Your Sting?

Posted by Psalm91 on 06/11/18 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 0 times
Preview: Hello Saints, 2015 began normally enough. All of a sudden, death surrounded my family. A whole prayer team died in a year and a half. I lost my mom, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, 2 cousins and the...

Donating To This Site - Got Questions?

Posted by Psalm91 on 06/11/18 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 0 times
Preview: Hello friend, If you found this site searching the things of God, be it for answers, prayer, encouragement, you are in the right place. I encourage you, as a lay person to donate to this...

Jesus does exist

Posted by Anonymous User on 12/02/14 : 2 response(s) : Accessed 666 times
Preview: I am a living testimony of what Jesus Christ can do. My whole life I have faced hardships. But I knew if I continued to pray and have all faith in Christ he would follow through for me if I walked wit...

Divorced And Hopeful

Posted by Psalm91 on 01/03/14 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 710 times
Preview: Hello All and Happy New Year! God is good. Last year I faced separation with my husband. We were in a really bad place. I suffered from depression and anxiety. I left our ...

Give Me A Sign

Posted by Psalm91 on 02/18/13 : 6 response(s) : Accessed 1270 times
Preview: I have a few "mountains" I need cast into the sea. As the Lord in his infinite mercy and grace began to break through my mountians, there is one left hovering about my life. As I fast and pray about...

Are You There God?

Posted by Psalm91 on 01/28/13 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 1070 times
Preview: There are some things I have been praying and trusting the Lord for and He has spoken to my heart. In 2 Chronicles 20, King Jehoshaphat was up against a vast army and cried out to the Lord ...

God Is Restoring My Marriage

Posted by Psalm91 on 01/22/13 : 5 response(s) : Accessed 1327 times
Preview: John 14:1 ESV Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. Mark 11:24 ESV Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have rec...


Posted by staceyh on 01/16/13 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 5974 times
Preview: Hello family, the Bible says that faith without works is dead and believe me, that is the truth. Since joining this site, I have prayed for certain key things in my life. No, my husband did not get ...

Let Go and Let God!

Posted by Psalm91 on 01/14/13 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 1171 times
Preview: No, your husband will not be reconcilled to you today. No, your benefits that you are waiting for won't be issued today. No, your marriage will not be fixed today. No, you will not be moving in Jan...

Names of Jehovah

Posted by Psalm91 on 01/11/13 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 1160 times
Preview: The Lord God has many names. Names we can call upon in our times of need. Thank you Father for your name, you magnify your word above your name. We call on you this day: Jehovah-Chatsa...

Seedtime & Harvest - A Time To Heal

Posted by Psalm91 on 01/08/13 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 4543 times
Preview: Seedtime and Harvest- I must remember these things as I wait on the Lord - as I stand for my relationship and finances to be healed. It seems things are taking so long, but if I remember how l...

Promise of Restoration

Posted by Psalm91 on 01/07/13 : 3 response(s) : Accessed 1313 times
Preview: Below are some bible verse promises of healing and restoration. They are helpful in separation, divorce, physical and spiritual sickness, financial troubles and anything ailing the human spirit. At ...

Thank You God For Your Grace

Posted by Psalm91 on 01/05/13 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 1958 times
Preview: Grace is a disposition to be generous or helpful; goodwill. Mercy; clemency. A favor rendered by one who need not do so; indulgence. A temporary immunity or exemption; a reprieve. Thank ...

Trusting God For The New Year

Posted by Psalm91 on 01/04/13 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 1167 times
Preview: When I pray in this new year that you granted me Lord, let me trust your will for my life. Please Lord align my will with yours. Psalm 32:10 states "Many are the sorrows of the wicked, but steadfast ...

God's Will & My Marriage

Posted by Psalm91 on 01/04/13 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 7224 times
Preview: Merlin Carothers, the author of the book Prison To Praise encourages all to praise God in all things, including your current impossible situation. Being separated from my spouse, it would...


Posted by Psalm91 on 01/03/13 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 1214 times
Preview: When I begin to struggle with the things set before me, this year I am going to rely on faith. The dictionary defines relying as a verb which is to 1.Depend on with full trust or confidence. 2.Be dep...

Battleground Of The Mind

Posted by Psalm91 on 01/03/13 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 1267 times
Preview: Sometimes it's hard to get up in the morning with all the things I have on my mind. I try to keep Philippians 4:8 in mind "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right...

Saving Experience.

Posted by rues13 on 01/02/13 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 963 times
Preview: When I was saved in 1985, it was such a dynamic way of Gods' presence in my life. I was saved thru my fathers death. And afterwards things happened to me and around me that are only attributabl...

Thank You Lord For Your Healing

Posted by Psalm91 on 01/02/13 : 4 response(s) : Accessed 1946 times
Preview: Thank you Lord for healing my marriage. Thank you Lord for healing my mind, body and spirit this day. Thank you for healing my husband. Thank you for waking me and my family up this morning Lord, b...

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