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Recent Reflections On Delve Into Jesus

Recent Reflections

The following are the 20 most recent reflections on Delve Into Jesus. Click on any title to view the entire text.


Caring for Her Husband's Love Child

Posted by Rusty Wright on 08/04/13 : No Ratings : Accessed 1562 times
Description: Would you volunteer to care for your spouses love child? Debbie Fuller faced that decision. Her choices and how she made them may inspire you and your family.

Mark Burnett's Bible TV Series: Epic Adventure

Posted by Rusty Wright on 02/25/13 : No Ratings : Accessed 1725 times
Description: The Survivor producer and his wife, actress Roma Downey, have produced an exhilarating take on classic stories about the epic struggle of the centuries between good and evil. Powerful depictions; gripping scenes. Well worth seeing by skeptics, searchers, and the faith-filled alike.

Running the Relay Race

Posted by Dr. Kieran Beville on 07/24/12 : Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 in 1 votes : Accessed 2996 times
Description: Only take care, and keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things that your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. Make them known to your children and your children's children (Deuteronomy 4:9).

October Baby movie: Do you feel wanted?

Posted by Rusty Wright on 03/12/12 : No Ratings : Accessed 4522 times
Description: For nineteen-year-old Hannah Lawson, that desire drives a quest to discover her real identity. You see, shes just learned that she was adopted, and the product of a failed abortion attempt.

Jordan's Moderate Arab Spring

Posted by Rusty Wright and Meg Korpi on 11/16/11 : Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 in 1 votes : Accessed 2097 times
Description: As we sat in a Parliamentary conference room talking with Jordan's Senate president and his colleagues, we could see why Jordan's Arab Spring has been more subdued than most.

'Courageous' Portrays a Different Kind of Courage

Posted by Meg Korpi and Rusty Wright on 09/28/11 : Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 in 1 votes : Accessed 3680 times
Description: Courageous is a fast-paced police drama with heart-pounding action and a spine-tingling surprise in the first three minutes. Good-natured banter and comic mishaps had us laughing, but the movie quickly reveals an introspective side that portends a human drama that challenges norms and will get you thinking.

Evangelicals' Image Problem

Posted by Rusty Wright on 08/10/11 : Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 in 2 votes : Accessed 1781 times
Description: God should have sued Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson for defamation, says New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. Few words conjure as much distaste in liberal circles as evangelical Christian, he writes. So why does he sing evangelicals' praises?

Soul Surfer Movie Impresses

Posted by Meg Korpi and Rusty Wright on 04/10/11 : No Ratings : Accessed 4357 times
Description: A 14-foot tiger shark bursts through the waves and tears off 13-year-old Bethany Hamiltons left arm. Three months later, shes surfing competitively again. If youre looking for inspiration to thrive in tough times, the true story of this determined teens triumph over tragedy will knock your socks off.

When Life Careens: Love Child Locates Bio-Dad

Posted by Rusty Wright and Meg Korpi on 03/01/11 : No Ratings : Accessed 1313 times
Description: A former girlfriend phoned, saying, "You have a 27-year-old daughter...Shed like to know if its okay to contact you." Garys life was about to take a wild turn through painful introspection and sweet reconciliation. In the process, he discovered that he needed his long-lost daughter as much as she needed him.

Jesus is Coming May 21?

Posted by Rusty Wright and Meg Korpi on 01/18/11 : No Ratings : Accessed 1683 times
Description: We read it in the Washington Post. Save the date! say the billboards. Thats also our wedding anniversary. Maybe we should invite him.

NetCasters Helps You Spread Good News

Posted by Rusty Wright on 12/01/10 : Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 in 1 votes : Accessed 1794 times
Description: Would you like to help reach the world for Christ from your living room ... or your kitchen, bedroom, office, or local coffee shop? These days, you can. NetCasters, an exciting new book, tells you how.

The Gift of Life and the Presence of God

Posted by Rebekah Sears on 10/25/10 : No Ratings : Accessed 1628 times
Description: A few weeks ago the world watched with joy as the 33 Chilean miners were rescued after 69 days underground. As people processed the events many wondered how God was involved. Many believed God had nothing to do with it, but what about the faith and hope of the miners and their families? As miners were set free, many were bold in praising God for his presence and love in the darkest times. Despite the darkness there was hope and joy- the gift of life and the presence of God.

Americans Flunk Religion 101

Posted by Rusty Wright on 10/18/10 : No Ratings : Accessed 1479 times
Description: Think you know a lot about religion? Pew Research Center says many atheists and agnostics know more about world faiths than do believers. I once flunked an important faith question and learned that what you don't know might hurt you.

Atlanta Volunteers Change Lives

Posted by Rusty Wright on 08/15/10 : No Ratings : Accessed 922 times
Description: Want a dose of inspiration and motivation? Take a look at these fine folks who are getting "out of their seats and into the streets" to help meet Atlanta's physical, psychological and spiritual needs.

A Great Father

Posted by Dr. Kieran Beville on 06/16/10 : No Ratings : Accessed 1160 times
Description: With father's day just around the corner, this reflection takes a look at the life of Jairus as an example of a great father.

The Way Forward for Fathers

Posted by Dr. Kieran Beville on 06/07/10 : No Ratings : Accessed 1193 times
Description: Fathers have the privilege of guiding and influencing the development of their children. Their greatest role-model is our own Father God, but whats He like as a Father?

Is Casual Sex Losing its Zing?

Posted by Rusty Wright on 05/31/10 : No Ratings : Accessed 1645 times
Description: Hot news from CNN: Some university students are giving up casual sexual activity because they feel its not fulfilling. Whats going on here?

Marital Strife and Your Health

Posted by Rusty Wright on 04/23/10 : No Ratings : Accessed 1048 times
Description: Being married can mean better health, but being happily married seems to matter most, says current research. Learn to fight fair.

Put God in the Game or STFU

Posted by Ryan on 04/23/10 : No Ratings : Accessed 1173 times
Description: What do a football rumor, an f-bomb and a huge drive to humiliate a hero have to do with shining your light for Jesus Christ?

Cry Not My Sister

Posted by Rebekah Sears on 03/31/10 : No Ratings : Accessed 1210 times
Description: Sixteen years after the Genocide, survivors in Rwanda continue to struggle with the aftermath of so much devastation, including the thousands of women and girls who were raped. In a context that shuns women who have been raped, many are forced to suffer in silence. Isolated, hurt and alone, how can these women ever begin find hope and healing, amongst such grief? Out of ashes, one group seeks to bring about such hope through the power of community, faith and sisterhood.

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