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Reflections on Delve Into Jesus
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Reflections are designed to help Christians face the real life problems they encounter daily. They speak of issues that are important or troubling in our culture today and show us how Christians can respond. Reflections are a word of encouragement and support with a Biblical perspective.

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The world today is challenging in a way which has never been known before. Christians throughout history have always faced adversity and persecution, but it has never been as subtle and pervasive as it is today in this largely secular, individualistic and consumer-driven world. The right choice is not always clear and it can be difficult to stand-up for Christ. It can be even harder to find ways to serve Him and most important of all, to find quiet time to spend with Him. Hopefully, these reflections will help encourage and strengthen you, perhaps give you a fresh new perspective and help you to stay focused on what really matters - love, peace, friends, family and Jesus Christ.

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Can I Write A Reflection?

At this time, all of the reflections on Delve Into Jesus are written by our staff or by full-time professional Christian writers who are in partnership with Delve Christian Ministries. If you are a published author and would like to contribute a reflection, we would be delighted to consider having you as one of our partners! Please contact us for details. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide compensation for contributions at this time.

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