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Unanswered Questions

The following questions have not yet been answered. The questions on top are those which have received the fewest total responses, with the oldest questions appearing first. Please review these questions and if you have any wisdom, advice, knowledge or experience to share, we hope you will take a few moments to respond.



Posted by Anonymous User on 05/02/17 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 4 times
Preview: I would like to know why I am being pulled back from reading the bible and want to succeed in a realtionship with god but can't something is stopping me and when I did have faith in god when I used to...

Worshiper Falls In Love

Posted by Gaby on 05/30/17 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 0 times
Preview: I just graduated Bible school, and there I met one guy who was in my worship team. I was main singer, He-guitarist. For the first time we started to write songs together and, as you can imagine,I re...

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