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Recent Questions On Delve Into Jesus

Recent Questions

The following are the 20 most recent questions. Click on any question title to view the entire text.


Genesis Study

Posted by Anonymous User on 01/04/17 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 0 times
Preview: Hi, I am currently studying Genesis which I have read a few times. I have been keeping a log of questions which comes to my mind about scripture and seeking to answer them in some way. In Genesis 9 go...

Relationship After Divorcr

Posted by Sunnylisa on 10/09/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 60 times
Preview: My name is Lisa I am 35 years old I am a single mother of two children a boy and a girl I grew up in Kansas City Missouri in a strict Christian household at Seventeen I somewhat reveled my mother had ...

I Feel Like God Has Completely Walked Away

Posted by Anonymous User on 10/08/16 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 22 times
Preview: Well, although I won't give out my age, I will say that I'm younger than 13. I really don't understand a lot about Christianity. What's it supposed to feel like, being saved and all? Do you grow w...

Just Confused Here

Posted by Anonymous User on 10/04/16 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 27 times
Preview: I have been going through a really hard time the last few years... with school and family. I have asked God to help me with a lot of these issues but He hasn't. I counted on him but I've been disappoi...

Teen Worried About Salvation

Posted by alana0100 on 09/19/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 44 times
Preview: Hi my name is Alana, I am 16 years old and am a Christian (at least I think I am) . My heart yearns to follow and to serve Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I am so grateful for everything he ...

Sharing A Testimony With No Resolution

Posted by Hickia on 09/10/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 43 times
Preview: SO I have to prepare a testimony for my Christian lunch time group at school this thursday but I've come across some issues. I've been told that a testimony is sharing how God has worked in my life. H...


Posted by Question on 09/09/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 30 times
Preview: So, sometimes, I just suddenly think "I want to get turned on". So I browse the net and look for a short arousing story to read. I avoid threesome and homosexual stories because they offend me. I get ...

I Dont Feel God And Im Afraid

Posted by Anonymous User on 08/31/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 37 times
Preview: for a long time i dont feel god when im praying or when im thinking about the christianity. sometimes i think maby jesus isnt real but a second after i understand its just my thought and hes real and ...

Hi . I Want To Follow Christanity

Posted by Anonymous User on 08/09/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 53 times
why u are be live jesus is the son of god?

Sex Before Marriage

Posted by racheld on 08/05/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 44 times
Preview: I've always dated people with my religious believes but my last relationship I tried to date someone who has different religious believes, he was a little more intimate than I've ever been with a man...

Calling Of God

Posted by dgirl8 on 07/27/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 52 times
Preview: Do all Christians feel called by God to work for Him? I have felt called by God into the ministry for 25 years now and it doesnt seem to matter what other work i do there is this constant feeling that...


Posted by Nathan on 07/20/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 50 times
How do proof to a friend that the bible exists

I Really Need Some Guidence Here

Posted by Anonymous User on 07/08/16 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 61 times
Preview: I love Jesus so much it makes me cry, I have told my children all about him and they have all been baptised and they do love the Lord also. I think of going to heaven everyday and theres nothing I wan...

Will God Bring People Back Together After Breakups

Posted by Salena on 06/30/16 : 4 response(s) : Accessed 67 times
Preview: Hey. I just lost my boyfriend last night. We are both Christians and come from a Christian home. We have been dating for 6 months now until last night. We used to attend church together, pray together...

Faith With Troubled Love Life

Posted by Sammi on 06/28/16 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 52 times
Preview: Hello I'm a 16 year old female about to start my junior year in high school. I've always been very close to the lord and was saved when I was 11. God has given me an amazing life. He's giving m...

Knowledge Of God

Posted by Yeahno on 06/21/16 : 2 response(s) : Accessed 65 times
Preview: Good Day all, i am deaf so its difficult for me to understanding what any of Bible are saying.. so i needs to understand clearly what is meaning "Knowledge of GOD" and "Again...

Friendship And Behaviour

Posted by Azera16 on 06/17/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 66 times
Preview: Hi. Is non-sexual snuggling and co-sleeping with a best friend of the same sex appropriate in the eyes of God? I am a biromantic asexual and I am in love with my best friend, who is a heterosexual. Ev...

A Question About Sex

Posted by Anonymous User on 06/16/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 60 times
Preview: Being a Christian and knowing that fornication and premarital sex or sex out of marriage is sin, my Christian friends and I have different opinions about this - Is it sin to masturbate? My friend hav...

Eyes Open?

Posted by Breezy98 on 06/15/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 57 times
Preview: Im a christian obviously, I have a gf who believes in gods existence but believes that gods only purpose for existing is to send people to heaven or hell. As Much as I hate that about her I've tried s...

Can A Christian Become A Professional Athlete

Posted by Kevin20 on 06/09/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 56 times
Preview: I have a question I have just got into Christianity I also I think I might have the answer to this question but I want to be correct can a Christian become a professional athlete because I have got in...

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