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Recent Prayer Requests On Delve Into Jesus

Recent Prayer Requests

The following are the 20 most recent prayer requests. We hope you will spend some time bringing these prayer requests before the Lord. If you’d like to share a scripture, wisdom, or an experience, please take a few moments to reply with your support or encouragement.


Giving Thanks

Posted by LoveHopeFaith♥ on 05/20/18 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 0 times
Preview: Father God I thank you so much for everything that you are doing in my life. Father God you know how much I've prayed and how hard I prayed to you for change and for things to be better in my life. Fa...

Moving Forward With Prayer

Posted by LoveHopeFaith♥ on 04/30/18 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 0 times
Preview: Father God, I thank you for all of the things that you are doing in my life. There's still work that needs to be done. Father God I know you're making uncomfortable in certain situations to help me re...

Praise And Prayer

Posted by LoveHopeFaith♥ on 04/09/18 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 0 times
Preview: Father God I truly thank you for everything you are allowing to manifest in my life. Things are really working out for me and I know none of it would be possible without you God. I thank you for allow...

Prayer For Family

Posted by LoveHopeFaith♥ on 03/23/18 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 0 times
Preview: Father God I thank you for all of your blessings and everything that you have provided for me God. Father God I thank you so much for answering my prayers and never leaving me or forsaken me. Your lov...

Prayer For Eric.

Posted by LoveHopeFaith♥ on 01/30/18 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 0 times
Preview: Father God I ask that you remove alcohol, drugs, wicked women and wicked ways from Eric's life and that he will want to be saved and accept you into his heart and life so he can live his best l...


Posted by KLee on 11/09/17 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 0 times
Preview: My emotions always seem to be so in the way. I get angry when I don't want to be and I laugh at the worst times. I'm all the time grumpy. Prayers for guidance in how to act and to be cheerful and t...

Prayer For Us

Posted by LoveHopeFaith♥ on 10/24/17 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 0 times
Preview: Heavenly Father please send Eric back home to me and our daughter. Father God I pray that he changes and that he repent for his sins and I pray that our marriage, unity and family is restored. Father ...

Marriage Miracle

Posted by CassandraJgant on 09/19/17 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 64 times
Can you pease pray that God removes all the obstacles out of my life that are keeping me from getting married. Even if they are obstacles that I create. Thank you for your prayers.

Husband Going Thru Mid Life Crisis

Posted by Olivia bates on 07/04/17 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 4 times
Preview: He came home one day an d told met he met a woman where they were working the woman approach him and ask him if he was married and he said yes. From there on they would talk daily. He told me that th...

Heal John From The Root Of All Problems

Posted by spanishriot on 05/28/17 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 3 times
Preview: My name is Rosemary Quiroga dob 3-22-65 pray for my Husband John Patrick Snyder dob 06-29-81 . Just bailed him out of jail and need to pay his bond 2nd but he left me after fighting with a friend of o...

Pray For My Marriage

Posted by Finsu on 05/25/17 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 3 times
Preview: My name is susan. My huband is going to marry on july 3rd without divorce me. i am shocked and sad to hear about his marriage. i was praying and waiting for him but he is going to marry. pray him to t...

Loving Others

Posted by John 4:6 on 04/18/17 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 10 times
Preview: Please pray that I will learn to love people that are very difficult to love. Pray that I will have Christ's love that is pure, unselfish, and humble. Pray that God will use me in incredible ways to...

Heal My Struggling Relationship

Posted by Aaronlevi on 04/13/17 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 5 times
Preview: Lord, I humbly ask you for your help with my relationship with my girlfriend. We just moved into an apartment. It's our first time doing this. She used to tell me all the time that she wanted to spend...

Please Pray For My Son Nathan

Posted by Salina on 03/25/17 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 5 times
Please pray for my son Nathan he is in jail for doing stupid thing , He need God strength and courage , Thanks


Posted by MMF on 02/16/17 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 3 times
Preview: Dear Heavenly Father, I am asking you today for a new job - a position in which he will shine, for Walt. I also ask for financial restoration for everything the enemy has stolen from us. Help me and...

Husband Loss Job

Posted by Anonymous User on 02/07/17 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 2 times
MY husband recently loss his job. 50 of our household income and healthcare is gone. Please pray for my family. That GOD restore what we loss and to shield my husband for depression.

Growth This Year

Posted by EmilyCravat on 01/05/17 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 3 times
Preview: This year I'm asking God to help me do a lot of things and to be able to grow more in him. I'm planning on starting a Bible study with a few people who need more spiritual growth. Please pray that G...

Marriage Restoration

Posted by Anonymous User on 01/05/17 : 2 response(s) : Accessed 2 times
Preview: I need prayer for my marriage to be restored. My husband has moved out of our home over a month ago and said it's over between us and now is seeking about divorce. He hasn't spoken to me since then. I...

She Left Out Of The Blue

Posted by Mikey on 01/02/17 : 1 response(s) : Accessed 3 times
Preview: She left out of the blue, she is giving me very hard times, she cares nothing while I am dying of pains. I watched the movie last night it says: You command the love and Jesus give it to you. W...

Prayer For Everyone

Posted by LoveHopeFaith♥ on 12/31/16 : 0 response(s) : Accessed 4 times
Preview: With it being a New Year I feel it's only right to pray for the holiness of Jesus Christ to come into our hearts. I pray that the year of 2017 will only bring peace, prosperity, love and blessings int...

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