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Prayer : Prayer For A Cheating Husband
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Prayer For A Cheating Husband

Posted by an anonymous user on 12/24/2008 10:09:15 PM  -  Print This  -  Email This

hello i'm asking for prayer for my husband . we are going to call him t. he has been on dating websites and i have express my dislike towards what he is doing and he won't stop. i'm saved he's a backslider. we have seperated before because of he felt that he needed to be away from me to be what i needed him to be for me and the kids and so far since he's been back he has been doing what i ask of him to do but i check his email without him knowing and i see he has been on a dating website and i'm trying to figure out why does he feel the need to do this . i ask that you pray for us and him of course and why he feel the need to do this again.


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This may seem strange....but I feel that you need to start off by praying for yourself....ask the Lord to help you accept the things that you can't change and the strenghthen you where you have been torn down. Now with that said...I am a firm believer that if we learn to focus on God everything else will seem so small.(smile).It's true! As for your husband..sometimes it works to ignore a situation for it to get don't show too much attention to will appear that it is small to you and in return it may just get small to him. But keep praying...He hears. Also never let someone elses insecurities bring you down. Hold your head up and love yourself......
12/25/2008 10:18:54 PM - jodieblunt, Member of Delve into Jesus since 12/2/2008

I will pray for you.
12/26/2008 1:31:59 AM - zoe1968, Member of Delve into Jesus since 9/13/2008

God's Word says He is married to the backslider. And He hates divorce. He is the keeper of His Word. Praise Him.
12/26/2008 2:20:38 PM - mrspiggy, Member of Delve into Jesus since 1/18/2008

Listen to what Jodiedlunt said,i can speak on this as my husband has been well lets just say off for over 20 years, found God 9 years ago , then i decided it's my role to pray be the best Mum i could be make the home the best i could make it, i would either get my marriage back or i wouldn't, God would do it if my Husband would let Him, i am seeing God move now, what i would have thrown away, caused my children, yes me because i would have been the one they would have blamed at the time, now they love me more, they know, i didn't tell them. Stand in pray fight for your marriage in prayer, don't give up, or in He will do it for you all in His timing. i pray He strengthen you for the fight, don't go looking for what he does thay will hurt you more, it did me, pray he stop in Jesus name
12/28/2008 2:19:44 AM - mammak, Member of Delve into Jesus since 9/3/2008

Being to start praying and asking God to build a hedge of thornbushes, briar and build a wall around your husband, blocking him from these adulteress people and websites. Ask God to place enmity between your husband and these websites etc. Ask God to intervine in the connection of those websites and began to severe those communication with the Blood of Jesus.
12/31/2008 4:08:17 PM - Victory, Member of Delve into Jesus since 4/28/2008

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