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Devotionals : Sufficient Jesus
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Sufficient Jesus

By Ryan, Member of Delve into Jesus since 12/30/2007
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And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:19

Nobody rocks sufficient like Jesus!

Jesus is sufficient in all things – regardless of whether we live by this truth, or fail to notice it.

Sufficient is not a word we typically think of as a high accolade. Any conscientious employee would be disappointed with an annual review rating of sufficient. We wouldn’t pat a child on the head while praising with the word sufficient. Conversely though, Jesus fills sufficient so full, He is all in all to all.

Jesus desires to be sufficient to you. So, is He?

Worse than tagging someone as merely sufficient would be to find them insufficient. This is what we are inadvertently doing to Jesus when we don’t find Him to be sufficient.

How could we possibly find Jesus to be insufficient? Well, if He is not sufficiently all, in every circumstance of life, we must therefore be pronouncing Him to be insufficient.

Those who self-attest, through little action, to being nominal Christians may only find a small compartment, in space and time, where Jesus exists as anything from just okay to Lord. However, even busy Christians are prone to overlooking the sufficiency of Jesus permeating all life’s times and places.

Belief in Jesus should be accompanied by rich layers of knowing Him. Jesus is all sufficient; our task is to feel that reality. Seeking the sufficiency of Jesus may be the works that coincide with belief in Jesus.

We can want all we want, but we need nothing – other than Jesus. With the sufficiency of Jesus reinforcing how we encounter every event, whether tragedy or triumph, peace is the underpinning of our emotions as we rest, sufficiently content, with having Jesus – as all we need.

Why do Jesus’ blessed people demand ever more blessings? Why do we struggle so much and fear so frequently when Jesus told us not to? Why do we still dabble in greed, envy and lust?

We do these things when we are not realizing the sufficiency of Jesus. If Jesus is sufficient – as in all we need – we have it all!

It is good to seek blessings from God, for it’s His delight to give His children every good gift. But, if our joy is left in the lurch until any blessing hits, we've missed the joyful satisfaction of Jesus being all we really want. The dangerous proclivity of loosing sight of Jesus being all we actually need is often most prevalent during good times. When, and with what, God will bless us pales in comparison to the gift He’s already granted in Jesus.

The love and company of family and friends is precious - yet, totally unnecessary. Jesus however, is necessary. Our loved ones are beautiful treasures bestowed by God; when one is suddenly, tragically, taken from us – the sufficiency of Jesus remains. Jesus, being all we need, gets us through any loss.

We believe Jesus is sufficient for our salvation – we must put that faith into action. Salvation’s promise of eternity has us reunited with loved ones. Our eternity, united to Jesus, starts at the moment we accept Jesus as our Savior. Though, our realization of the reality of His sufficiency expands through this life’s testing time.

Relationships in any arena of life are sadly doomed to be less than they could be whenever we look to people to fulfill our needs. If we see Jesus as sufficiently filling all needs, we are freed to enjoy people for whomever they are, unencumbered by our misguided expectations.

Misery strikes Christians. Victims of violent crime, those crushed by failing marriages or parents crying over a suffering child have at their aid the sufficiency of Jesus – some realize it and are comforted, while others are consumed by the pain. Heavenly perspective relegates very real, earthly pain to be secondary to the greater reality of the sufficiency of Jesus.

Other miseries are of our own making. Ugly pride mocks us when our eyes drift from Jesus to focus on our own awesomeness. While there’s nothing wrong with shiny new toys, covetousness infests the parts of the psyche where Jesus is displaced as our true desire. Envy of others, and the ensuing strife, dominate us when we are not fully content with what Jesus planned for us.

Every weed of temptation and seed of lust, can only take route in the soil of the soul lacking the sufficiency of Jesus. When filled with Jesus, as being entirely enough, who could engage in a scam scheme of greed or need another hit of the drug du jour? Who would succumb to the lusty beckoning of an illicit lover, during moments when Jesus satiates all desires?

Of little importance is the boom or bust status of a financial portfolio. Of greater consequence is its owner’s satisfaction with Jesus. Finding Jesus to be sufficient in lean times may be all you have left to your name; that is what saves during fat times, lest largess becomes lethal to the spirit.

Cataclysmic catastrophes are coming; both on a world scale and those personal disasters we manufacture. It’s the sufficiency of Jesus that is our security regardless of what befalls us.

Good times and bad give us practice in replacing dependency on self with reliance on Jesus. Through Jesus, God gives us sufficient grace; it’s His will that we be ever thankful, in all circumstances, because we appreciate the sufficiency of Jesus.

So, we are faced with the choice of actively seeking the realization of Jesus’ sufficiency in every situation – or – passively declaring, via default, that Jesus is insufficient.

Whether our heart is breaking or soaring, we need to ask Jesus to fill it with His sufficiency. Today, may your heart be completely content with sufficient Jesus!

Holy Jesus, be magnified in my life by my joy in your sufficiency. Be glorified in all the world by revealing your everlasting sufficiency!

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I believe we must be carreful when it comes to judging anything based on our feelings.
10/28/2011 9:00:36 PM - josephpoulin4, Member of Delve into Jesus since 7/24/2011

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