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About Devotionals on Delve Into Jesus
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We all have constant demands on our time, and sometimes it can be hard to remember to put God first. Devotionals from Delve Christian Ministries contain advice on how to keep Jesus at the center of our busy lives and how to live according to the principles he taught. Devotionals look at a passage of scripture and study what it means for us today along with practical ways to apply it in our own lives. No matter what the topic, every devotional has one simple goal - bringing you closer to Jesus.

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Devotional Podcast
Most of our devotionals are now available as a podcast through iTunes. Most are between three and ten minutes long, just the right length for a drive into work or a break during the day. (If you have a different MP3 player or music software, just look for the "Download as MP3" link in the "Devotional Options" box).

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You can be automatically notified by email any time a new devotional is added to the site. All it takes is one click to subscribe (and one click to unsubcribe later if you change your mind).

Devotional RSS Feed
Did you know you can subscribe to the latest Devotionals and read them in your favourite news reader? RSS is a standard way for regular, periodic content such as news and blogs to be posted and read from a common place. Most people use RSS to read all the headlines from their favourite news sites and blogs all in one place. If you're new to RSS, we recommend "Google Reader", which is simple, convenient and web-based. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers also have built in news readers. You can subscribe to the feeds here:

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Can I Write A Devotional?
In addition to the "official" devotionals from Delve Christian Ministries, we occasionally accept devotionals from our members. If you have written a devotional and would like to have it appear on Delve Into Jesus, please email it in Word format along with your Delve Into Jesus user name. We appreciate your understanding that most devotionals we receive will not be accepted. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide compensation for contributions at this time.  Please contact us for more details.


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