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Devotionals : Asking God For Help Part 1
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Asking God For Help Part 1

By Michael Lane, Executive Director, Delve Christian Ministries
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"So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor. Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." (1 Peter 5:6-7)

I think we sometimes miss the point of petitioning God. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking God for things we need or even things we want. The important thing to keep in mind is that actually getting the thing we're asking for is the least important part of the whole process.

This seems counterintuitive. Why ask for something if you don't care if you get it? I'm not saying you should not care about the issue which is troubling you; I'm saying you should not be concerned with the exact outcome. We need to trust God to solve the problem His way.

Suppose you're having trouble making ends meet and you're not sure how you will pay this month's bills. You may ask God to send you some extra money. You may ask God to help you find a better paying job. In all likelihood, God is not going to do either of those things, though it's certainly possible. The point is that it really doesn't matter how God decides to solve the problem. By asking God for help, you have admitted that you need Him, and that is what really matters. How God decides to deal with the issue is immaterial, but rest assured He will intervene in the best way possible.

God does not want you to depend on a particular solution; He wants you to depend on Him.

Asking for God's help in all situations is a very important part of our relationship with Him. When you ask for God to help, you are indirectly saying that you trust Him and that you need Him. You are admitting your weakness and acknowledging His strength. You are submitting and surrendering to Him.

But what are we saying to God if we never ask for His help? We are saying we don't need Him. We are sending the message that we have no need of His blessing or protection and we want to go it alone.

Another reason to ask for God's help is not to seek a specific outcome, but rather to receive His comfort, support and peace. God may not provide a direct resolution to every difficulty in our lives, but He will comfort us. When you seek God during times of trouble, large or small, you are saying, "God, be with me during this time. Let my thoughts be with you and let me feel your presence."

Fail to bring your cares to God, and you are not only saying, "I don't need you" but also, "I don't want you around right now. I'm busy dealing with this problem."

As is so often the case, Jesus provides us with the example.

Then Jesus brought them to an olive grove called Gethsemane, and he said, "Sit here while I go on ahead to pray." He took Peter and Zebedee's two sons, James and John, and he began to be filled with anguish and deep distress. He told them, "My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death. Stay here and watch with me." He went on a little farther and fell face down on the ground, praying, "My Father! If it is possible, let this cup of suffering be taken away from me. Yet I want your will, not mine." (Matthew 26:36-39)

Let's first take note of the fact that the night before His greatest trial and suffering, Jesus wants nothing more than to spend time with the Father. Though He must be weary and worn out as His disciples are, there is no greater priority for the Lord than to pray.

But what is perhaps more surprising is that Jesus is asking for something He knows He cannot have. When Jesus asks, "Let this cup be taken from me", He is perfectly aware that it is the Father's will for Him to proceed, so why even ask?

Jesus speaks these words not to seek a result, but simply to express His anguish and anxiety. Jesus is not asking for a reprieve; He is asking for comfort. Just as we must do, Jesus is asking His father to be with Him, support Him and give Him the strength to endure what must be done.

This is the pattern our prayers must follow. Tell the Lord everything you need and share with Him every care and worry that is on your mind. Don't seek a resolution, but seek God instead and you will receive peace and comfort, along with God's best solution thrown in for free. It almost certainly won't be the solution you had in mind, and it may not be easy to endure, but it will be the right solution in the long run.

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this was very help. we need this at this time of the year.
11/14/2007 11:50:32 AM - anonymous

thanks for the encouragement - this is a good reminder to depend on God and not the situational circumstances in all times.
11/14/2007 3:35:13 PM - anonymous

Thank you.
11/19/2007 9:46:36 PM - anonymous

What a wonderful devotional. It was an answer to prayer and that God truly wants us to depend on us for His provisions and not our own, even when the answer is No.

11/23/2007 10:57:52 AM - anonymous

Apart from God wd have no answers.
11/24/2007 6:12:03 AM - anonymous

These is very helpful. The part that it is not what I want but the need of Jesus' help. Not the way I want the outcome but the way God answers is very comforting.
11/24/2007 10:09:54 PM - anonymous

The bottom line is trust in the Lord with all your heart and soul and lean not on you own understanding.
11/25/2007 12:54:49 AM - anonymous

Your website reminds me what has been missing in my life lately. A gentle reminder what I must do. Thank you!!
11/25/2007 3:55:39 PM - anonymous

I needed this. Thanks
11/26/2007 9:43:20 PM - anonymous

I needed it too. I put so much in his hands right now I feel guilty.
11/27/2007 2:01:29 PM - anonymous

thanks for lifting me up, for showing that God is still in control. Being a Christian is not just a one day thing, but a lifetime of learning and believing.
11/29/2007 12:24:36 PM - anonymous

i'm facing a really difficult situation but this devotional certainly showed me how much I need to depend on Him and not on my own strength.
11/30/2007 7:24:19 PM - anonymous

thanks for His word i've been in such distress over a break up in a relatioship not sure of god's will ??
12/6/2007 5:35:48 AM - anonymous

I felt a need to ask God for help so I went to my computer and entered " help me God " and I found this website. I'm searching for an answer to a very difficult time in my life. I do need help god. This article helped me relieve tears that I have been holding for months due to anger with my mother & brother's death. I don't understand it but I'm trying really hard to deal with it. It angers me to hear
people complain about having to visit there mother or family. I have to visit them at a grave instead. Wake up
people and see how blessed you are to have a chance to
laugh and talk to someone you love before it's too late
12/11/2007 8:39:59 PM - anonymous

Hi; I'm that 15 year old who lost their phone (if that's even really relevant) and I just wanted to say "thanks" again. These devotionals have really touched me and they put into perspective what God does and will do, and how we need to respond. Along with losing that cell phone, I've just moved directly from the west coast to the east, and I've been having a little trouble with God...not much, but enough. It's hard to trust him when he takes away family and best friends...but I do anyway. I know he's taking care of me and I'd really like your prayers to accompany my journey through this new territory = )
12/16/2007 12:11:49 PM - astr323, Member of Delve into Jesus since 12/16/2007

I am so glad I found this site. I understand better what I must do when I pray
12/28/2007 8:40:55 AM - anonymous

I needed help and am glad I got this site. I feel so relieved. I know exactly how to pray and for what to pray now.
1/4/2008 2:49:19 PM - anonymous

I think it is very important for us all to understand as christians we know that God can perform miracles, so everything we pray for he will be able to help us with! It won't be the way we expect i'm sure, it will be more touching and more amazing, thing's that we won't even think is possible! That's why I Love HIM as my Lord and Saviour! I hope he Blesses me in my life, through all my problems and struggles. God Bless You All!
Remember he is always watching over you!
Let HIM be in your Life and know that you will have Eterrnal life!
1/6/2008 5:44:58 AM - anonymous

I really needed to have these words of inspiration reinforced in my life ... I had not looked at asking for God's help for this point of view ... and I really do need His comfort, support and peace.
1/6/2008 5:59:39 PM - anonymous

It is really difficult leaving your faith in someone you've never met, such as GOD. But trust me, HE does exsist. HE'S taken me out of situatins that only God could pull a stunt like that. GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!!!!!! HAVE FAITH!!!
1/9/2008 5:16:06 PM - anonymous

1/30/2008 3:28:51 PM - anonymous

I am struggling today, as I have been this last few weeks. These words of encouragement really helped. Although I have been praying for help, I do not think I have given up completely and just believed my Lord will take care of me. Today I am turning all my troubles over to the Lord and I am comforted in knowing he will handle it in whatever way HE sees fit. I will be ok.
2/1/2008 2:50:27 PM - anonymous

I too have been having a really hard time lately. I know God loves me and I keep trusting him. I just have trouble some days. I'll give him a problem but then I take it back. I'm workig on it though. Thanks for the site. This was a great help today.
2/6/2008 10:34:34 AM - anonymous

2/12/2008 6:21:17 PM - anonymous

Thank you for the encouragement! I have had my license for over two years, but...with bills and all just havent had the money for a car; I have a loan im paying on so i cant get one now; the ONLY hope I have is God! I THINK He is answering in His way! I was "hoping" for a Jeep but NOW I dont care what I get! He answers in the most unusual way: I have a friend who has had different cars (he is older than me)and he has had four honda accords over the years> he had a NICE one two years ago and he saw me the other day: he said "do you have the car yet" and I said no; he asked if I remembered his other one and I said yes. He is going to look for a second hand honda accord! Its a blessing! It will be reliable, cheap on gas and I wont have to get a second job cause I can afford this one! Praise to God for answering prayers in the least unexpected ways...but better than what I had planned! He always answers different than what we expect but..God is God; He answers better!!! Bless you all!!! Kelly
2/19/2008 7:13:02 PM - anonymous

This is a great devotion I myself over the years of serving God have never thought about asking for his help in a way as this describes. Prayers are answered sometimes in ways we dont understand such as a family member being sick and the Lord sees fit to take that person home to be with him. Sometimes that dont seem the right thing at the time however The Lord knows what is best. I didn't know about this website until last week and this is the first deviotion I have read and it has truely blessed my heart it is good to know that God is willing to listen and answer prayer
2/20/2008 1:16:06 PM - anonymous

It seems so easy to say "I will trust God with my life" - but how often do we actually do it? I can start the day off well but then as I get out into the world, things deteriorate as I start trusting in my own ability to handle things. I'm determined to be more focussed on letting God have control throughout the day - showing Him that I trust Him with EVERYTHING. This morning, I read this verse from Romans 15:13 - I'm committing it to memory so that I'll be ready for anything!

"May the God of HOPE fill you with JOY and PEACE as you TRUST IN HIM, so that you may OVERFLOW WITH HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit."
Sydney, Australia
3/18/2008 3:35:19 PM - Julia, Member of Delve into Jesus since 3/11/2008

Thank you so much...........My husband is working in Egypt and when he first joined 2 years ago he was having a very hard time with the boss nephews . The boss realised what a hard working and honest person my husband is.He was like a rock and supported him right through and they formed a strong relationship.Wilbur loved him like a father and was growing so well in his career,we joined him in Egypt and both my children started school and univericity.
These 2 nephews were cheating him and finally through some other person he found out what they were doing.Since he is stationed in Dubai he came to egypt 3 weeks ago to settle this .He arrived on friday and on saturday he came to the unit where my husband heads and his last words were 'Wilbur if you can't trust your own family who can you trust' and showed Wil his hands asking i don't know which one to trust and said don't worry i will settle all this . My husband was showing him some arears where they had robbed him.That never happened as the next day he had a stroke and died.Now his brother has taken over and these two nephews are in full control throwing out innocent people from the company for no reason at all.We know we will have to go sooner or later and my worry is my children education and all the hard work and honesty for what..........My husband offered his resiganation as he was very upset with them sacking honest staff for no reason at all.they did not accept his resignation as they need him for now.I hope and pray that the truth be known............i was so deseprate and went to my computer asking jesus for help and i read this and now i know that i just have to leave this to him and he will lead the way.
3/23/2008 6:42:10 PM - anonymous

Thank-you. I understand what you mean and trust the lord to help me in HIS own way.
3/26/2008 6:54:33 AM - anonymous

I'm going through some very tough financial times right now. I had to close my business in January and I'm in need of full time employment to provide for my family of four. Trusting God has been difficult, but I know it's the only way. I have pretty much made a mess of things doing it in my own strength. I have been petitioning HIM for a job but maybe the answer is something else right now. I'm not sure what it would be so I'LL let HIM handle it. Thanks for your words of encouragement.
3/28/2008 12:52:51 PM - anonymous

Thank you for the devotional,
The 1 Peter 5 verse was absolutely spot on! I have some serious issues about humbling myself. I find I'm mad at God about the circumstances in my life. Is it okay to be mad at God?

Anyway, the devotion helped alot. all this time, I've been praying expectiing the outcome. Instead of praying and waiting on the Lord.

Please, anyone who reads this pray for me and my family. I have eight children.

My youngest child, Ezekiel John,who is 17 mos. has a disease called Mitochondria disease. It's been unreal difficult to deal with.

Pray also for my 14 yr. old Jesse has scoliosis at a 53 degree angle and has to have surgery. He's scared.

God bless all of you!!
may we all pray for the brethren and our sisters in the Lord.

With love, John
4/13/2008 2:26:22 AM - anonymous

God is love. I love God. It is often difficult to " trust" people in this world. However, you can always "trust" God.
6/7/2008 7:43:15 PM - anonymous

I have been seeking God for help in a great mess that I'm in. A business gone sour and bills to big to even mention. I have prayed every day "Lord, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power, and the glory. Amen!

I have yet to make it through a day that doesn't bring about the news that I dread. I also have made it through every day. There are times that I look back at my own personal decisions and see that I just wondered about aimlessly through the responsible moments. Now I face a great catastrophy and I do not know what will become of my situation.

I can do nothing but go about my daily business in a more responsible way and ask God for His miracle...and the inner voice tells me that it will come. It will come before I know it, and I may not even recognize it when it is happening.

I rejoice in one thing...that I know God hears my prayer and I know that He will answer!

I encourage each one reading to take each day at a time. We cannot do anything about the past (with the excetion of restitution), and the future is always uncertain! Yet God...He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

The children in the wilderness were taken care of daily with miracles from heaven...yet they had a hard time recognizing it.

Look for the daily miracle from God...and it will come!
6/10/2008 4:39:51 PM - anonymous

I have been struggling with a situation that has caused a lot of suffering in my life, I know God hears my prayers. Now I know I must wait on him to answer in his own way not mines.
6/14/2008 12:04:09 PM - anonymous

I had serious business problems 2 years ago and i prayed to god for help both for what i needed and spiritually,he came through for me. Last week i prayed to him because my business was suffering again, he gave me peace of mind and i found that i wasnt worried about the future and put my future in his hands and just decided to do my best on a daily basis. I did promise that I would start going to church, i will go, I wont let him down.
6/30/2008 4:44:38 AM - anonymous

I keep praying, I keep seeking His guidence, I keep riding the ups and downs and I always return to Him and I always ask Him to help me to have faith, and yet I seem to recieve no answers and I feel that I am alone and that my prayers are not only unanswered but unheard...and yet I still pray.

I don't know His will for me, but he seems to be cold and distant.
7/8/2008 11:43:17 PM - anonymous

I once heard somebody say that God tests the people he truly cares about. I didn't really know what that meant until I came here and read other people's comments. I would think that having a lot of bad things happen in your life would bring you closer to God... because praying is the only thing you can do that makes you seem like you have some control. I struggle with giving all control to God, because I'm the kind of person that likes to be in control. I have trouble admitting my mistakes, and I always think I'm right. I'm hoping God will teach me how to be humble and accept what other people say. I'm starting to pray more often now, and it's reassuring to know that there's somebody out there who truly cares, and that it's not all on my shoulders.
7/15/2008 12:35:35 AM - anonymous

Thank You, after reading this devotional it has made me realize GOD will always be beside us in good and bad situations and he will never forsake anyone no matter what the out come might be God Bless.
7/16/2008 11:44:07 AM - anonymous

Thank you!
7/20/2008 6:53:55 AM - anonymous

Thanks so much. I feel like someone else that God is so cold and distance. But, I know he loves me so much. I'm so hurt. Our house is in foreclosure and i don't know what we are going to do but,i continue to pray. My husband lost his job 6mo's ago and just recently got another one in April and yesterday, his boss told him that things are slow and he's not getting in work. I'm praying GOOOOOD PLEASE HELP
7/29/2008 9:36:39 PM - anonymous

Thanks for the insight, I believe in the power of prayer, and I also know GOD will never forsake anyone in their time of want and have, all I'm asking is for peace in our family.
7/30/2008 3:39:57 AM - anonymous

You know there comes a time in everyone's life that we are weak and hopeless, And we need someone to lean on. I have found that no one can up lift me like the father of us all ... He is there Always and For as long as you live and if you play your cards right he will be there for an eternity. I sometimes get worried about things but I always hear this voice saying... come unto me and I will give you rest, give all your fears and worries to me so that I can give you peace. For he is a loving God and he is always there all we have to do is listen, and turn to him for everything and he will take care of the rest. The main thing is DO YOU TRUST IN HIM?
9/3/2008 1:56:16 AM - anonymous

Lord please let me know my mother's alright in the afterlife. If I know that, I can get on with my life.
9/8/2008 2:35:45 PM - anonymous

Thank you I needed this so much.I'm so hurt right now because,I don't know how i'm going to pay my bills or other things.I feel so alone right now.Like I don't have a friend in the world. Please God hellllllllp me!! please. Please help me.I really needed this and i'm so blesses to have friends like you guys. Thanks so much for this.
9/23/2008 10:54:20 PM - jceep, Member of Delve into Jesus since 7/30/2008

This is so wonderfully stated...I'd love to post it on my devotional blog, with a link here, if possible.

I'll check back for your reply...thanks so much!

Let the Son shine,
10/2/2008 8:16:01 AM - anonymous


Yes, by all means you have our permission and our blessing. Thanks for deciding to share it!
10/2/2008 9:30:54 AM - Michael Lane

In your own words, you really knew what to say. Your encouragement helped a lot.

Thank you!
10/30/2008 12:46:54 AM - anonymous

I just lost my Arbitration to get my job back, I was employed for 6 yrs by this company, I prayed and cryed to God to help me win this but I said in my prayers " Not my will be done but yours". I was very hurt over losing but I know and feel God has other plans for me. I don't know what his plans are but I have Faith in him and I know he knows what is best for me. Our Lord has helped me through out my life, he has answered me in ways I didn't know were possible. When I was in my early 20's and getting kicked out of the house by my Mother, I cryed and prayed to God for help. Low and behold as I was crying and praying for help and guidence he answered me. I had the radio on very low in my room and the song " Time After Time" came on and I didn't really notice it until the verse " If your lost, you can look and you will find me Time After Time, If you fall I will catch you, I'll be waiting Time After Time" To this very day I feel that was our Lord telling me don't worry I will take care of you, and of course everything worked out. Praise the Lord!!!!! A humble servant of our Lord.
11/3/2008 10:43:38 AM - anonymous

I asked God to let me know on the regard of wicca. I'm not practicing anything but I have spiritiual insite to things (dreams,feelings,ect.) I hope he will answer my prayer.
11/3/2008 11:04:18 AM - anonymous

god can u help me please
11/24/2008 2:43:17 PM - anonymous

All I know is that I am going through a really hard time right now, and this is what I needed to hear!
11/25/2008 8:14:49 PM - anonymous

We all need to simply do and act as if God is always with us and do as he would do...Pray to him not only in bad times but also in the good!! He is our family and will always be there for us!! Keep the head up god is good and just. This form is great and helped me after reading it also...Thanks
11/30/2008 8:51:29 PM - anonymous

I love God. For He as always been with me. Even in the troubles that I went threw and am currently going threw.. He's there. I will ALWAYS submit to him. A lot of the times, he really does something, big or small to let me know that he is with me. I dont care about the how it will be done. I dont care about the when it will be done. Because I know God will take care of that in the quickest, the best, and the greatest way possible. All I need to do, is believe and I will move that stupid mountain of problems and let it fall into the see!
Thank you
Willem Toerien
12/6/2008 3:58:05 PM - anonymous

This is just what I needed right now in this time of trouble. I am sorry that I cannot send a financial gift as I am really out of pocket. However, once I am able I will be happy to give something back as I have received.

I am finding it particularly hard to conduct business in today's world. It seems as though there are forces against me that do not want me to succeed. But in reading the above I have been encouraged, not to succeed, but to try my best, ask God to help me with my business and he will do what's best for me.

12/11/2008 7:32:23 AM - anonymous

I am so thankful that I was led to seek out this devotional reading this morning. We often have someone who listens to us on this earth. I refer to them as "earthly angels". Sometimes we can provide the same kind of comfort to others by being good listeners. It always feels so much better when someone hears us and takes in our cares and concerns with a loving heart. Father God is the best listener of all! He already knows what is in our hearts, but He wants to hear a word from us now and again. Not only that, He is the best problem solver of all times. I sometimes forget that. I sometimes forget to lean on Him. Thank you for this gentle reminder. It is especially helpful in the "hustle and bustle" that occurs during the holiday season. Patrice
12/11/2008 8:23:49 AM - anonymous

Thank you. I now see hope.

God Bless You.
1/11/2009 3:21:53 PM - anonymous

Praise be to lord,
I have been in deep trouble for the past few months due to sudden demise of my father and my ill health.But the above message provided me of great relief and joy.I am sure god will never forsake me.He is going to heal me.HALLELUIA.His presence is there with me in my troubled times.Iam going to become more closer to god.
Pray for me.
1/12/2009 3:13:20 PM - bin_baby, Member of Delve into Jesus since 1/10/2009

I just lost my 17 month child by accident,the worest thing imaginabel happened to me.but i belive god have his way in life.there is a lot of things we dont understand and we dont have answers,but let it be becouse God workes in misterious way.have faith and pray.
1/14/2009 7:18:04 AM - anonymous

We often try to find a way out of what ever we are going through on our own. If we just ask and seek God for help. He will make away out of no way.
We must trust and have faith in God always. So To everyone that reads this. LET GO AND LET GOD.

2/17/2009 3:22:07 PM - katashar, Member of Delve into Jesus since 2/11/2009

Thank you for the devotional and your perspective on how to have a closer relationship with God. I tend to seek God more when there are troubles although on most days, I can find something to thank Him for - times of troubles can make it hard to trust. I am only human and pray for guidance and acceptance. Thanks, again, for your words. MR
2/19/2009 12:18:51 PM - anonymous

Thank you for this site.

My husband and I have been married for almost three years. I was on contraceptive medicine for about a year and then he got deployed. We didnt get pregnant on his R&R and now he is home again, we are not pregnant. He is frustrated with God and I believe that he has lost his faith, I dont want to get pushy but I told him that God works in mysterious ways and mabey a baby is not what he has planned for us right now. He feels as if he has been wronged because "people who dont deserve children have them all the time and we cant." Truthfully, I am frustrated but I still have faith in the Lord and know that everything he does for us is in his plan for us. I dont know what to tell my husband I dont know how to get it through to him that God loves him and that he is not "shorting us" in any way. Please pray for us. Thank you.
3/14/2009 4:37:43 AM - anonymous

Thank You :)
3/22/2009 11:36:12 AM - anonymous

everyday i see how wonderful my God is...i could of read this devotional before but he was reserving it for me,,just now,,when i really need it...thank u Delve..GOD BLESS U... I will remember to tell my problems how big my God is.
3/31/2009 11:44:17 AM - anonymous

good lesson.
3/31/2009 9:47:48 PM - anonymous

this was truly a blessing for me right now. thank you so much and keep letting God be God
4/1/2009 5:07:51 PM - anonymous

These are such words we need as our daily bread in these difficult times! i am so encouraged. it's really good believing in Christ, He's done great things for me, Praise his name! God will never come through for you so long as you got that 'plan B' in hand. Just surrender everything to him regardless of the complexity or impossibility of the situation...i promise you God is full of surprises to those who believe and have faith in Him! JESUS! GOD BLESS YOUR NAME.
4/3/2009 8:34:56 AM - anonymous

Thank you for this passage. It does reminf you to always let Jesus in. He is here to help you. Just trust in him
4/6/2009 8:32:58 AM - anonymous

Thank you..
4/6/2009 9:37:36 AM - anonymous

thank you very much. i understand better about God.i know he will help me in some way
4/8/2009 8:55:12 PM - anonymous

This devotional has helped me emotionally. In my time of troubles I need to learn to not let my problems dictate my daily thoughts, attitudes and behavior. This has motivated me to not ask for a resolution but for comfort and inner peace. Thank you.
4/9/2009 10:41:09 AM - anonymous

thank you sooo much for this passage
ive actually had trouble with girls,
looking at girls with lust. And whenever i did that
i would regret it like really regret it and think why did i do that.
now i know that i need God's help more than ever.
He telling me to seek help from him.
Not by myself.
4/13/2009 6:29:28 AM - anonymous

Thank you for this word! I really needed it.

God bless!
4/15/2009 4:25:11 PM - anonymous

I cant remember how many times God has answer my prayers and lifted me from my burdens and anxieties, but I know I have always procastinated in going to Him help. It's not that I didn't believe, but I felt ashame for repeting my mistakes.

I figure it aches God to see his chilren suffers, even more when they think they can make it on their on. I have been a prodigal child many times over, yet God welcomes me with wide open arms,everytime I called Him for help. I knew it beacuse my worries and cares have gone away, answered.

I thank God for this website, I thank God for for His Mercy and Grace.
4/19/2009 12:59:28 PM - anonymous

It marvels me the way God answers prayers. I have been on a job for over 12 years without promotion. I have been wondering and praying in tears for God to promote me in my job. The agony of seeing those you employed becoming your boss was horrible and humilating. Like a lightening, my wife who has been out of job for 12 years secures a fantastic job(twice my annual income). My worries are gone as she picks up bills easily and we have more than enough. Our God is awesome and he answers prayers in his own way and at his own time.
4/23/2009 3:47:39 AM - anonymous

truly these words has opened my eyes and thank you so much!
4/23/2009 8:48:49 PM - anonymous

My husband has been out of work for almost a year and my job has cut my hours to part time and they also cut my pay. I was really having a hard time trusting in God. I didn't know how we were going to pay the bills this month. When I got home from Bible Study last night I went on-line and checked my checking account to see how much money I had in it so that I could see who was going to get paid and who wasn't. When I looked God had put extra money in my account. All my bills won't get paid but more will get paid than what I thought I could pay. God is good and I know that our Blesssings are not done yet. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. Thank you for your encouragement. I really like this website.
4/23/2009 10:11:35 PM - anonymous

I am trying to learn to trust God. My worries and problems are very real. I have made many mistakes and when I confess my sins, I always ask for forgiveness and help to become more aware. I enjoyed reading this. Like many others, I feel as if God is watching and listening, but has taken a "hands off" approach. There are many times when I need encouragement, and cry out to God for help. I know the bible says that if we doubt for what we ask for, we will not receive it. But sometimes, my pain is personal, then I think of the more serious concerns of the world. I feel as if I am selfishly presenting my plea before God's throne when others needs are more pressing than mine. Because of this, I feel that my prayers are not a priority.
4/25/2009 4:02:18 PM - anonymous

helped me identify the mistakes i m making while praying to god
esp to let god help us his way and not my way

4/27/2009 6:35:31 AM - anonymous

I;m a faarol new chistain. I have been having trouble expressing my self in prater.Thank;s this was the reading i needed to help me
4/27/2009 8:44:01 AM - anonymous

I"ve often wonderd what Jesus was realy asking for when he prayed to the Father. Thanks for making it clear.
5/3/2009 11:06:52 PM - anonymous

Thank You and God Bless
5/10/2009 7:17:51 AM - anonymous

I am still learning to trust the Lord with my problems. I have so much going on within life right now and instead of looking to HIM for help, I tried to solve things myself which only made things worse. I have lost my family, my financial standing, and myself. I have been praying to the Lord to help me, at first I thought my prayers were going unanswered but everyday I get a sign letting me know that everything will be fine. I just have to continue to TRUST IN HIM! I know that he will deliver me from these trails and tribulations in his own way and in his own time. I do pray for HIM to bring my love back to me but I have realized that it will be done by GOD's will and not mine. All things are possible through GOD, you just have to believe. Thank you for letting my testify...
5/26/2009 11:32:20 PM - anonymous

Thank You! Now I understand what I need to do. I have problems,but now I can solve it. THANK THE LORD!
5/28/2009 3:19:31 PM - anonymous

THIS WAS SOOOOOOO HELPFUL! Interesting because when I wanted to come to God for help and answers I always feel like God say" oh here she comes again" it's kinda like I'm always the problem solver and the one who others seek for help so who helps me when I fall and lack and I figure God is soooo tired of saving me from this situation and that situation so now my prayer is for Wisdom and guidance so I don't continue to struggle down the same paths.
6/8/2009 8:55:16 AM - anonymous

Great stuff! God bless :)
6/12/2009 6:16:42 AM - anonymous

i read the comment that say's "LET GO and LET GOD!!!!!!!! THE LORD IS GOOD., am setting here looking of answers, and all my heart is saying is LET GOD.. Thank you....
6/12/2009 3:00:39 PM - anonymous

Great devotional, truly one that truly highlights the our neverending need for God and his provisions.
6/16/2009 6:05:56 AM - anonymous

I am going through my second work related back injury and face the potential of having my third back surgery. As a husband and father of 2 I worry about paying the bills etc. while I am disabled. The other day I was feeling angry and depressed over the matter and I was listening to Walk in the Word on the radio. The pastor stated "This message is for you so listen up!" Well I listened to his talk on 2Chron 20 as he discussed God's statement "This is not your battle, it is Mine." Prayer is an important part of each day for me, but now it has moved to a new level. Your devotional has given me a new focus in my prayers - I don't want to limit God's options for dealing with my issues. Our God is beyond description and I am blessed to be one of His children. I normally teach a small group study on Tuesday nights, but with my injury I have had to cancel until further notice. I pray for God's will to be done in this instance as in every other aspect of my life.
kcgodlyman 6.17.09
6/17/2009 3:37:45 PM - kcgodlyman, Member of Delve into Jesus since 6/17/2009

Thanks for the encouraging words. My husband and I are currently going through many trials and tribulations relating to his business. He's trying very hard to clear up and get out of this business but is met with many many obstacles. We both are christians and we are very aware of Christ's teachings but sometimes the problems become very overwhelming. Reading this devotional was very encouraging for me.
6/23/2009 6:34:39 AM - anonymous

God's works are always amazing! Thank you for this fruitful devotional! I would also like to share my favorite verse which I always keep in mind and in heart whenever I am troubled.

"I know what I am planning for you... I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope and a good future." - Jeremiah 29:11 (NCV)

God will always make a way! Gob bless us all!
6/25/2009 4:40:35 AM - anonymous

Thank You Lord, and thank you for your obedience to God in writing the devotionial so we can be bless, My husband and I are going through some great financial problems and there are discions that we have to make one of them is moving from one city to the next and we are afraid to step out. So this morning I woke up about 12:30am could not sleep started talking to the Lord about how I am not feeling Him and I feel lilke a curse is on my husband and me then I got up out of the bed desided to read the bible on line then I came up on this site and the word "surrender" so i click and started reading I was blessed and I realize that even though I have being praying and asking the Lord to help us and show us the way because we want to do his will, we have to Surrender all to HIM and wait on HIM to act on our behalf in HIS TIME! thank you for your word of encouragement! after reading it and some of the comment from others I feel the Peace of GOD in my life. GOD BLESS YOU!!! GOD BLESS ALL THE PEOPLE WHO COMMENT!!!
6/29/2009 1:17:42 AM - anonymous

I am an unemployed, single mom and just went today for my first interview after being laid off. I really-really want this job. Not just for the money. I like the total package.
I came home and felt so depressed and I fell asleep. I woke up telling myself that I will pray to God and he will get me that job...if I pray.
After reading the devotional, I see how selfish I am . How inconsiderate I am. God won;t just hand it to me on a platter. Life would be so easy for everyone if we only had to pray and receive.
I will leave it in God's hands to decide. I will pray tonight for forgiveness for my selfishness. I won't ask for help concerning the job...he knows...
6/30/2009 5:06:53 PM - anonymous

Thank you so much for this devotional. It really helped me to connect the pieces about prayer. I should prayer to communicate with God as a child loves to talk their parents. I came to the US over 20 years ago and is still unable to get my green card because of one life changing mistakes that wasn't my fault entirely, I just didn't have the character to know better and say no to my aunt. You see my aunt and her husband was selling drugs at the time and honestly I don't even remember how she got me to take part it wasn't even for a week and I got arrested. Because of that arrest I'm marked but I,m still praying for a miracle from God. After reading the devotional I need to have my prayers focus my on God's comfort and whatever outcome to trust him with it. I grew up in the church and believing in God I was originally sent by another aunt because I was only 19 at the time but this aunt was to strict and reminded me of my mother so I went by my other aunt and that's the biggest mistake I've ever made and has paid for it over 20years. Since, then I've growm steadfast in my faith and will not be persuaded (at least,I pray not too) to do what wrong. Please pray for me as I wait for God's resolution.
7/3/2009 5:55:28 AM - anonymous

Thanks you so much for this heart is breaking because I thought that I had meet the "ONE" and he initiated a relationship then got scared of a commitment. It's hard to go from feeling completely secure in the world to feeling completely alone... I'm going to try to use my time to heal to reconnect with God, and I trust that he will lead me in the right direction because life is so confusing right now. Thanks
7/4/2009 11:51:17 AM - anonymous

hello i am a 13 year old girl and I always count on god to be with me when I hear people say "Iswear to god" it hurts me because you never bet on god you should aleays stand up for you because he will stand up for you. When i read the article it really made me realize that god isnt the enemy (not that i ever thought he was ) but it made me think he is here to guide me on my tests and my future i want to be a doctor and every night i pray that nothing wil stop me from doing that but everyday i feel like i am getting closer and closer to god i will always be on gods side even when people arnt I LOVE U SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH GOD! Amen
7/31/2009 1:46:22 PM - bobo, Member of Delve into Jesus since 7/31/2009

One year ago I was flying high embracing the Lord and glorifying his name in every aspect of how I lived my life. My reward from the Lord was awakening every single day feeling enriched and fulfilled with with love, joy, peace, happpiness and prosperity. I was so overwhelmened with joy everyday that I wanted my immediate family to experience the same life I had in Christ. Jan. 2007 I prayed that each member of my family would humble theirself and get to know Christ as I did. When I prayed my prayer I knew it was going to be a difficult achievement since my family had never really been a religous or spiritual filled family. In the Summer of 2007 my mother called and announced that my father had stage 4 lung cancer. Immediately, my entire family humbled theirself on bent knee and became prayer warriors. Everyone openely spoke to God petitioning for our father's life, asking for mercy, grace, and a flat out miracle while developing a sincere and close relationship with God. Sadly, and with regret our father died..... However, throughout the 2 month process of caring for our father before his death my entire family came to know God as I originally requested in prayer. Later, my family members began to regularly attend church services, host group bible studies in their homes, and were all baptized in the the name of Jesus. Today, as I originally requested from the Lord Jan. 2007 my entire Family knows Christ and are now living enriched lives of love, joy, peace, happiness, and prosperity. I may not like the route that God took to get my family to this point but he answered my prayer. Through my father's death his entire family accepted Jesus as Christ!
12/12/2009 5:41:17 AM - anonymous

Thank you very much for the enlightenment. This is something that I have been wanting to read and learn about. This article is so powerful and is an awakening for me. It is very true in every sense and can be likened to words to live by. I have never looked at prayers at this position and I can say that I should have done this if I knew it beforehand. This devotion's intention is very clear and that is to trust the Lord with all our heart. My personal experience with praying to God is beautiful. When you are praying to God very sincerely, you can tell if God is listening and if God is there with you. You can feel something in your chest like a numbing/thumping sensation which only happens when Gods presence is there. If its empty, chances are God is not there and you are not sincerely praying. So pray sincerely and you'll get that numbing feeling in your chest. It is a painless feeling but you will feel an abundance of happiness. Again, thank you very much for this devotion. God bless us all.
Ted tipmuD
1/8/2010 6:43:27 AM - TrueBeliever, Member of Delve into Jesus since 1/8/2010

God directed me to this site. I've been going through a difficult, painful year, so many changes in my family's lifes I never expected. Just read these words--"I'm so sad I feel as if I'm dying...My Father, if there is any way, get me out of this. But please, do what you want, not what I want." I never understood these words like this before. Jesus felt just what I am feeling. He knows because he lived it. These desperate words were His! He knows my pain intimately. My Father God is in control and totally understands me and my problems. So I can safely pray "Do what you want with me, Father, not what I want.
1/22/2010 5:44:04 AM - wmg, Member of Delve into Jesus since 1/22/2010

Thank God the sprit guided me to read this today. it has reminded me that Gód's Will is more important in my life than my own will & desires. Thank You Jesus!!

God bless
1/25/2010 7:06:54 AM - abbygl, Member of Delve into Jesus since 1/25/2010

I would like to first ask for my forgiveness. There is one person I want in my life and she is who makes me happy. She doesn't know how much of an aid I will be to her. Please let God know I will be there for her. I ask for her change of heart towards me. I want God to give her to me. That's all I ask upon this comment.

God bless.
3/16/2010 9:40:34 PM - sbae85, Member of Delve into Jesus since 3/16/2010

I heard a story I would like to share

" There was a young boy who wanted his bike fixed, he asked his father to fix it for him. Then he would decide he would either ride it the way it was or try to fix it himself. After a while the boy became frustrated and when to his dad and said " dad I have asked you so many times to fix my bike why havent you ? " His father looked at him and said " Son I cannot fix your bike if you dont leave it with me"

I think this is a wonderful reminder to us all that we must trust in God and
leave our troubles with Him so He can "fix" us.
3/29/2010 2:00:15 PM - jessakash, Member of Delve into Jesus since 3/29/2010

It funny I always first ask God for help. And for some reason lately more than ever I feel he really listens and that he watches out for me. I know I could never make it through life without his help and guidance. The truth is I only go to our church a handfull of times a year. But that does not mean I don't believe in him. I think he has a plan for all of us. I always try to be kind to people and help those who need help. Just when I think my life is hard, I drive out of the Walmart parking lot and almost always there is someone asking for help. I dont always give them money but when I do it makes me hope I made a difference in that persons day. And also hope they use the money for the right thing. Thank you for even more understanding from your message.
5/4/2011 8:49:19 PM - barnesk, Member of Delve into Jesus since 5/4/2011

you know i never really believed in a heaven or hell or good or bad i just didnt really care. im only 16 but i now realize i should thank god for giving me life because if you dont then your angry and being angry at god will not help. but yet i dont think he will harm you but just mite let things happen that shouldnt. everyone makes mistakes and we all know that but i use to ask why do i deserve this if god is real. well first i never asked god for help. second i thought anyone who believed in good was a little crazy but im crazy because i didnt believe. if you dont believe i dont know what to say other than what ever or who ever you believe in must have a creator so even if your a scientist and have all the reasons to life what made those things possible? what made the things that made those things possible? wheres the creator who is he/she what race. it does not matter who he/she may be. does not matter what the race is we love her/him no motter what. we shouldnt take advantage of our lifes. but yet why should we be told what to do. well were not we do have our own choices of what to do. and if you do believe then you will be strong and if your strong enough to believe something you cant see hear touch smell or anything of evidence to it being real then you are a believer and thats the whole point. you must be strong when things arent going good in life. i was strong enough to type in "how to ask god for help" and i truely believe it will be awhile untill i get a response but i do believe god will help. ive never asked for true help befor but when your talking to god its almost as if you are a son or daughter coming to thier parent crying upset for what theyve done and expect it to just get better when really the parent will do what they can to help. im sorry for not realizing im sorry for never beleiving i hope for forgiveness and i love life no matter how rainy it is.
5/13/2011 10:50:58 AM - newlife, Member of Delve into Jesus since 5/13/2011

Thank you for this. It's so easy to feel that my career problems and anxieties are one-of-a-kind, and that if my career doesn't work out then I have nothing. Or that if I miss one opportunity, I'll have missed out on everything else that would have stemmed from it. But this just made me realize that God takes everything and works it out; if it's not what He wanted, it won't/didn't happen.
My relationship with God is fairly new--when a problem arises for me, I automatically start trying to solve it. Often I just plain old forget that I can go to God for help. When I remember, like I just did thanks to this, it's like waking up from a nightmare and realizing it was only a dream.
Thanks for waking me up. I need a good bop on the head to remind me that God is there every once in a while :)
5/29/2011 9:59:44 PM - qwertyuiop, Member of Delve into Jesus since 5/29/2011

Hey, Everyone Im New I Just sign up today, This Really did help me. I Myself is Going Through some Issues in Life. If anyone out there can Give me a hand and pray for me it would really mean alot. I put it all In gods hands and I Continue to Live Life and Try to help others to gain me strength. I also Would Like To Learn more on how to pray and connect with God that My BIGGEST Goal.
Thank You
7/8/2011 2:55:54 PM - JahmahlHughes, Member of Delve into Jesus since 7/8/2011

We are all so similar in many ways in regards to our daily and life long struggles. Sometimes God helps by helping us to realize we are not alone. I am glad I read everyone's comments. It has given me the opportunity to say a prayer to God to help some of you through your struggles. Yes I to have some serious issues but in the end having the ability to ask God to help others is really more important. But isn't gratifying to know, as the devotional states, God is listening.

God Bless Everyone- Paul
8/30/2011 9:10:39 PM - Family, Member of Delve into Jesus since 8/30/2011

I sit daily on many occasions asking God to bring me and my partner back together, I'm afraid to ask sometimes because I feel guilty. I love her and miss her so much :(
I will continue to ask the Lord for this, but I will also add to my request that I accept his will.
I'm truly heart broken, the Lord is my only salvation from this pain.
Pray for my pain to be releaved

3/7/2012 3:48:54 PM - Tom26, Member of Delve into Jesus since 3/7/2012

The lesson was good, and reading the comments has let me cry which I guess I needed to do. I so want my relationship with my wife to be good. All I have left is knowing that at least God loves me and listens to my prayers.
11/16/2012 3:35:57 PM - Michael-1959, Member of Delve into Jesus since 11/16/2012

I was really having a break down so I came across this page and I am happy I did I am so lost my marriage is torn to pieces and I have been separated for almost a year and a big part of me is angry because I don't know what my future holds and I should know that God will fix it and I do know that his will WILL carry out but it is still so hard to deal with I need the lord to hold my hand through this and never let me go thanks to you all for posting your thoughts
11/24/2012 5:20:18 PM - pjones19, Member of Delve into Jesus since 11/24/2012

When I broke up with a man I truly loved and wanted to get back together, I felt like I was having a break down. I've never felt so low in all my life. I prayed to God and asked him to help me somehow (whether this was to help my relationship, or even just to comfort me and to strengthen me). I then heard from this man, about 10 minutes later! And we have been together ever since.

God has also comforted me through my dark times.

God bless :)
3/7/2013 12:54:58 PM - sjhayden1, Member of Delve into Jesus since 3/7/2013

I pray.. i ask God to help me with my suffering.. i cry, i fell on the ground. I do this for more than two years now. I still can't find the peace. I didn't deserve his salvation.
10/14/2013 1:34:42 PM - anonymous12

As I am writing this, I may get fired today.I saw this coming over several months ago and since then I have been depressed for a long time, but last week I prayed to God and all over sudden I got calm and I'm not afraid anymore. I thank God for this and though I may face my worst fear today, I know God will help me, He always had and I'm sure He will not abondon me today.
9/2/2015 3:15:34 AM - Annkaimuri, Member of Delve into Jesus since 9/2/2015

As I am writing this, I may get fired today.I saw this coming over several months ago and since then I have been depressed for a long time, but last week I prayed to God and all over sudden I got calm and I'm not afraid anymore. I thank God for this and though I may face my worst fear today, I know God will help me, He always had and I'm sure He will not abondon me today.
9/2/2015 3:15:39 AM - Annkaimuri, Member of Delve into Jesus since 9/2/2015

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